Bond Basics

Fundamental Investment Strategies

Learning More, Skill Building

You can learn more about bonds and financial investments and keep learning new skills and new information that can help you manage your personal finances.

For example, European individual investors purchasing government bonds to buy and hold till maturity in order to ensure return of principle and steady income may be able to purchase bonds directly from government treasury websites or order forms and save additional fees and commissions. Fees and charges and commissions can add up related to investment transactions. As you learn more about how to buy and sell government bonds, for example, you may decide that you will save the fees and commissions to a broker or registered advisor on some uncomplicated transactions if you know how to do them yourself. You should still take financial advice and have an overall strategy for your investments with professional advice. But it is a good strategy to also develop basic personal knowledge and skills related to investments and financial matters in addition to taking advice.

Now that you know the basic concepts of investing in bonds, talk with your financial advisor about what types of bonds are most appropriate for you. He or she will be able to provide you more detailed information about each of the specific types of bonds in which you may be interested.

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